'Susan was very thorough and explained what she was doing at all times'

'Susan was very thorough and didn't rush things which put me at ease'

'I would highly recommend Susan to all of my friends and family for her professionalism in footcare'

'I felt in good hands whilst Susan was caring for my feet'

'Susan is a flexible, caring and knowledgeable expert in footcare, I have always had fantastic service and a great customer friendly experience'

'As a man, I'm naturally quite private about my feet, Susan was so professional I felt totally at ease'

'Susan made me feel totally at ease'

'I love to wear open shoes in the summer but was very conscious of my nail that had been damaged. I was very impressed with the way Susan treated my toenails - and she made my feet feel so good!'

'Susan gives a friendly and professional service'

'Susan made my feet feel wonderful'

'I felt like I was walking on air after Susan treated my feet'

'A very relaxing experience!'